Testimonial Sloypog

The first I heard about the SHC was at HSR and at first it seemed quite intriguing yet scary. Competing against other people who probably already know a lot more and are far better than me. Nevertheless I signed up for the SHC18 for fun, after all you can learn so much just by trying. I qualified for the team-selection weekend and even though I did not make the team I still learned a lot from the weekend and other participants. This year the whole selection and training was different. The extended Team (1 Backup per category) was selected back in March and from then on we would hold meetings and try to train together. Not only did this motivate me to do more CTF challenges and learn more, I also knew people with which I could talk about certain challenges or ask if I did not understand something. Overall it was a very positive experience from which I have learnt a lot and got to know a lot of people.

Even if you have no prior experience doing CTFs or anything the like and are simply interested in Cybersecurity, this can be a good starting point. You might not make the team and be able to travel to the ECSC (European Cyber Security Challenge) in the first year but you will learn a lot and be part of a network full of like-minded people to train with or ask questions about topics or specific challenges you don't understand. Especially now with the completely redesigned process for team-selection and training, starting out has never been easier. So don't be afraid, we all had to start somewhere and what better place than here?