Swiss Hacking Challenge Final 2021

After 1 year Corona break finally an on-site Swiss Hacking Challenge Final again. In the hacky environment of wörking in Basel we finally met the top competitors of the Swiss Hacking Challenge CTF in person for the final selection.
  • When: Sunday, July 18th2021
  • Where: wörking in Basel
  • What:
    • Team CTF, 4 teams with 4 players each
    • 16 Jeopardy Challenges in the categories web, exploitation, reverse engineering, crypto und forensics
    • 4 admin challenges (hardware, collaboration tasks, bluetooth spoofing, fun & games)
  • Mission: Select the ECSC team members, preparation for the ECSC
What a rough time for our coach and trainer to make a selection from such an top-class selection. The winning teams of the SHC Final 2021 are:


  1. f0urty2 Team members:
    • tttttx2 (Toni Tanner)
    • Mannheim-Stoering (Simon Kindhauser)
    • TheBadGod (Aaron Hodel)
    • freakness109 (Axel Vanoni)
  2. Zero�Width�Space Team members:
    • xNULL (Manuel Bürge)
    • (Samuel Bétrisey)
    • NoRelect (Marc Bollhalder)
    • mantix101 (Edward Booth)
  3. Intergalactic Flag Collection Service Team members:
    • bazumo (Moritz Schneider)
    • thejan (Jan Bucher)
    • maurosbicego (Mauro Sbicego)
    • gedobbles (Sinan Maisch)
  4. Team R🚀cket Team members:
    • br0ck.samson (Philipp Mao)
    • jul0105 (Julien Béguin)
    • xorkiwi (Jannis Kirschner)
    • kuyaya (Alois Marti)
From those teams, we select 5 juniors and 5 seniors for the Swiss team based on the performance at the final, but also on insights from the training phase, challenge development, and general team work.