Installing Hacking-Lab LiveCD


This guide will help you install the Hacking-Lab LiveCD on your laptop or computer. The LiveCD is needed to establish a VPN connection to the Hacking-Lab and is based on a 64 Bit Kali Linux system. Furthermore, the LiveCD is optimized and prepared for various exercises in Hacking Lab. You need a 64 bit laptop for the LiveCD to work correctly.


To use the LiveCD on your computer, the hypervisor feature in the BIOS must be activated on your PC. Please ensure this first, otherwise the LiveCD will not start.

Install VirtualBox

Please download the latest VirtualBox software for your operating system from Follow the installation instructions on the website. Administrator rights are required for installation.

Download Hacking-Lab OVA

Please download the OVA file for Windows or OSX from Make sure you download the correct version. After downloading, check that the file has the file extension “ova”. If it is “zip”, rename the file to “ova”.

Import LiveCD into VirtualBox

Please start VirtualBox and press the “CTRL + I” keys. You will be prompted for the path where the “ova” file is located. Select it and confirm your entry. You can also start the import function via menu File -> Appliance Import. After a few minutes of “Import”, the LiveCD is available in VirtualBox.

Launch LiveCD

Please start the LiveCD in VirtualBox. It will take a few minutes and then you will be asked to enter a user name and password. Please use the following information:

Username = hacker Password = compass

After the first login you will see the graphical user interface of the Hacking-Lab LiveCD.

Language of the keyboard

The keyboard on the LiveCD is set to US English. You can conveniently change the keyboard via a menu item. For example, for Swiss-German:

  1. click on Start (top left)
  2. click on 00-About
  3. click on Change-Keyboard-Layout-Permanently

A new window appears. Enter “ch” and press the ENTER button. Now your LiveCD is set to Switzerland, even if you restart the LiveCD.

Updates LiveCD

Please update your LiveCD from time to time. There is a menu entry for this, via which you can update the LiveCD. An Internet connection is required.

  1. click on Start (top left)
  2. click on 00-About
  3. Update LiveCD

Since Kali Linux brings many updates, you have to allow about 5-10 minutes for it. You can also continue working in your LiveCD during the update.

Mouse pointer

Press the CTRL key on the right side of your keyboard if you want to free the mouse pointer from VirtualBox.

Copy / Paste

The LiveCD should be set so that you can work with copy and paste. If you have problems with Copy and Paste, you can activate the function in VirtualBox separately. Please check the settings under VirtualBox under “Device” (Shared Clipboard) and (Drag and Drop)


To access the vulnerable systems in the Hacking Lab, you need to establish a VPN connection with Hacking Lab. You will see a VPN icon in the top right corner of the taskbar. Please right-click on the VPN icon and select “Connect Hacking-Lab”. You must enter a user name and password. Please register an account on and use exactly the same user name (e-mail) and your chosen password for the VPN.