About Swiss Cyber Storm

Swiss Cyber Storm is a non profit organization running the annual Swiss Hacking Challenge and the annual Swiss Cyber Storm Security Conference. The Swiss Cyber Storm association was founded on November 15, 2012 by a group of cyber security enthusiasts. The purpose of this association as stated in the byelaws (in German) is to promote young cyber security talents and to regularly carry out cyber security events for security professionals and decision-makers.

Swiss Hacking Challenge

Benjamin Fehrensen and Ivan B├╝tler are taking care of the Swiss Hacking Challenge. They define, prepare and run cyber security events in Switzerland. They define the requirements for the CTF and cyber academy platform. They create puzzles and challenges, theory and multiple-choice questions all around cyber security. But they are not joining the Swiss team to the European Cyber Security Challenge final. This role is given to Adrian and Valentin (see below)

European Cyber Security Challenge

Adrian von Arx and Valentin Zahnd (the two guys on the right of the picture below) are taking care of the team participating in the European Cyber Security Challenge. They train the Swiss team, participate in online CTF events supporting the team in the preperation of the European Cyber Security Challenge competition.


Please find below our official postal address.

Swiss Cyber Storm
Eichhofweg 3
6205 Eich

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