Swiss Hacking Challenge

We are looking for cyber security talents. Are you between 14 and 30 years old? Are you interested in hacking, CTF (capture the flag) and cyber security? Awesome; this is the site you were looking for! Swiss Cyber Storm helps you with your career in cyber security. We provide security tutorials, security labs, theory and more. Furthermore, the best of us will compete against other European cyber talents in the so-called European Cyber Security Challenge. Swiss Master Final and possibly even for the European Cyber Security Challenge Final in London, UK.

How it Works

Our CTF and ECSC team trainer will organize special events for you. In the first year, you may just play the simple CTF and hacking games. But eventually you can apply for the Swiss National Team. Before we start hacking, we may have some 'chaos'.


Playing CTF alone is cool. But it makes more fun to play as a team!


Valentin Zahnd and Adrian von Arx are helping and training the team (team trainer, caches). They will support the Swiss Team in the ECSC final.

Compare Cyber Security Skills with others - ECSC CTF

It is an honor and awesome opportunity represinting Switzerland in the European Cyber Security Challenge. This picture was taken in 2015.

Challenge 2019/2020

Interested? Learn more about our hacking, training and CTF activities in the calendar (agenda) 2019/s2020.